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QuantWys can bring analytical solutions to within reach of any business!

Do you want your spreadsheets to be more effective? Do you have a mountain of data that is just sitting there? Do you think predictions or forecasting for your business is out of reach?

QuantWys makes data science accessible to you.  With our educational background and experience we can make sure you are gaining value from our insights and explanations. Whether that is finding the diamond in the rough of your CRM data or taking your website analysis to the next level, QuantWys can help any business get wise!

QuantWys has multiple levels of service to help adapt to clients needs.  

  • The Bronze package can help with excel sheets and access database designs or basic troubleshooting.
  • The Silver package allows for larger database creation or basic statistical analysis  (t-test, chi-square, ANOVA, regression).
  • The Gold Package gets you or your business access to predictive modeling or forecasting and even more complex analysis.  
  • Finally the Platinum package is the Gold package with the addition of a professional write-up of the analysis and findings.
  • We are always willing to make customized solutions for our clients, if what you need was not listed please send us an email and we would be glad to help!


Contact us at info@quantwys.com or fill out the form below to learn more about QuantWys Consulting!

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