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Charlotte is by far the best educator and simplifies the subject matter. I struggled in a graduate statistics class and she helped organize and explain the information so I could understand and apply it. She is extremely patient and easy to get along with. I would definitely recommend Charlotte to students struggling because she will do what it takes to help you succeed.
— Thomas J.

Charlotte has the ability to take an impossible teaching situation (i.e. getting me to learn economics in a very short amount of time) and hitting a home run. She is able to take hard concepts and turn them in to every day practical learning situations that make sense. Charlotte is very personable, professional, and responsive. I highly recommend her for your tutorial needs!
— Denise H.

Charlotte is excellent and very patient. She did NOT rush through any of the material and helped me to better understand the accounting principles. She is educated in all aspects of Excel and accounting principles, which was very helpful. Without her, I would be lost. I appreciate all of the guidance and help. She challenged me to think through the concepts and principles on my own, which was also very helpful when trying to learn the material. She is simply the best tutor around. Make sure you contact her for help!
— Alex D.

Charlotte is a miracle-worker! I’ve always struggled with math (and by struggle, I mean I have some seriously bad math anxiety). I had to take a statistics class for my coursework and I found her halfway through the semester after almost failing my latest exam (again), feeling hopeless and discouraged, and wanted to drop my class altogether. From day 1 she was professional and easy to talk to and made me feel comfortable instantly. She is wonderful in how she approaches tutoring. She’s awesome at adapting her teaching style to however you learn best, is super funny and has an awesome personality that makes learning math feel more like you’re learning from a friend than from a stranger. After working with Charlotte, my 3rd exam grade was a B-, I scored a 90% on my final exam, and I just got my final grades for the semester today and found out that I PASSED statistics! Honestly, she was the saving grace that got me through stats, and if she can help ME pass stats, she can definitely help anyone that needs it!
— Emily B.