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Student Resources

This is a collection of resources that students may find useful.


Lesson Notes

Some of the notes I write during lessons are useful for all students studying that subject, so I take a picture of them and upload it to the Evernote notebooks linked here. Feel free to browse through these notes and copy or save them if you find them useful!

Please let me know if anything is illegible or if you'd like to see some specific notes added!


Greek Alphabet CheAt Sheet

Statistics and Economics often use Greek letters as variables, which can be confusing when you don't know what the symbols are called. These cheat sheets show the capital and lower-case letters of the Greek alphabet along with the names of the letters spelled out in English. The version with alt-codes also includes the alt-code shortcut for typing the symbol in Word.


Statistical Tables

www.normaltable.com is a great, simple site for common statistical distribution tables. In addition to the z- and t-tables it has the f- and chi-squared-distributions.